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AllegChat changes the color of text sent on the allegiance channel.

It comes in two flavors, regular and "lite." The regular version was the first release and features an ingame UI (in the Decal bar), and the option to filter Allegiance chat as well as change its color. The "lite" version doesn't have an ingame UI (uses chat commands), and doesn't have the option to filter Allegiance chat since that's now built into AC.
  Retired Plugin
This plugin has been retired, and won't be updated for the Throne of Destiny Expansion. This page is just here for reference.
Be sure you also have installed all the Required Components on the left

Current Version

 Previous Versions

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The Main Window
Pretty self explanitory =D
This isn't available in AllegChat Lite.
  • Type /achat help for chatline commands. This is the only way to interact with AllegChat Lite.
  • You shouldn't have AllegChat and AllegChat Lite both installed at the same time. This will print the Allegiance chat to the screen twice. It should prompt you to first uninstall AllegChat when you install Lite, but if it doesn't you should anyways =)
Known Bugs
None. Use one of the methods on the left to contact me if you find one.
Version History
AllegChat Lite v1.1.0 March 9, 2004
  • Removed the ingame UI and filtering ability since this is already available in AC
AllegChat v1.0.0 February 2, 2004
  • Initial Release
Source Code
AllegChat Lite Source v1.1.0
AllegChat Source v1.0.0
Source code is available to aid aspiring plugin writers in getting started. If you plan to use large portions of my source in your own plugin, please contact me first.
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