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Babel Fish
Babel Fish translates spell words (e.g. Puish Zharil) into the name of the spell cast. It also provides some advanced filtering options, so you don't get spammed by spell casting messages.
Current Version
Babel Fish v1.0.0.0
The Babel Fish GUI
Enable/disable Babel Fish and set up filtering options.
  • You don't need to /unfilter -spellcasting to translate spellwords. Babel Fish can show the translation even if you have spell words filtered in AC.
  • The filters only apply when Babel Fish is enabled.
Known Bugs
  • None. Use one of the methods on the left to contact me if you find one.
Version History
Babel Fish v1.0.0.0 June 16, 2006
  • Inital release.
Source Code
Source code for Babel Fish will not be released because the PK-detection code has the potential to be misused.
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