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Jer's Plugins Mirror
  These plugins do not work with ToD!
These plugins are not updated for the Throne of Destiny expansion. They will not work in their current state. This page is just here for reference.
This is a mirror for Jer's Plugins. His site used to be located at, but that was a dead link last I checked.

AAA allows you to cast portal spells simply by typing in a few letters of your choice. For instance you can set Primary Portal Recall to /ppr, then when you are in magic mode, just type /ppr and you cast it. It also does mansion recall, house recall, and lifestone recall.

Clock allows you to display the current time in any time zone in HUD format. It allows you to have custom labels, custom text color, and custom background color for each individual time zone. If you lose a HUD, type /clock relocate minNumber, /clock relocate GMT, or /clock relocate plsNumber. Ex: to relocate GMT -8, /clock relocate min8. Ex: to relocate GMT +5, /clock relocate pls5. (min = minus, pls = plus)

Mana Mystique auto fills your items with mana when you get the "is low on Mana" warning.
AAA v1.3  [Source Code]

Clock v1.0  [Source Code]

Mana Mystique v1.1  [Source Code]
Decal HUD Tutorial (Visual Basic)
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