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Scroll Manager Scroll Manager
Scroll Manager
Scroll Manager keeps track of the scrolls you have on all of your characters, across accounts. When logged in with one character, you can see what scrolls you have on that character, plus search your other characters. The list of scrolls is sorted alphabetically and by school. You can export a list of scrolls to a text file.
  Retired Plugin
This plugin has been retired, and won't be updated for the Throne of Destiny Expansion. This page is just here for reference.
The Scroll Manager installer will automatically remove previous versions
Be sure you also have installed all the Required Components on the left

Current Version

 Previous Versions

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Browse own scrolls
You can look though lists sorted alphabetically and by school. Scrolls are color-coded according to school. See the Notes section for info on what the icons do.

View other character's scrolls
Using the drop-down, you can view scrolls for any character.

Search by name
Search for scrolls by name. Search is case-insensitive.

Search for unknown scrolls
Use this tab to search for scrolls on any of your characters that you haven't learned.

Export a list of your scrolls to a text file.

Customize Scroll Manager. An alternate name is the "decoded" version of the VII name (e.g., Fire Protection Other VII for Fiery Boon).

  • The icons should be fairly straightforward, but here's a key to get you started:
    - Click to add the scroll to a trade window
    - Click to move the scroll to the front of your main pack
    - A scroll you don't know; CTRL+Click to learn the scroll
    - A scroll you already know; CTRL+Click to use the scroll anyways (and have AC tell you that you already know it ;-)
    - A scroll you don't know; on another character
    - A scroll you already know; on another character
    - A scroll on another character
  • The view window can be resized. Click on a corner and drag to resize it.
  • This plugin was originally written by Jer.
Known Bugs
  • None. Use one of the methods on the left to contact me if you find one.
Version History
Scroll Manager v1.2.0 August 20, 2004
  • Added icons to the list of scrolls: click to add to trade window, move to front of pack, or learn a scroll.
  • Now can view, sort by, and search by the "decoded" level VII scroll name (e.g., Fire Protection Other VII for Fiery Boon).
  • Now can search all characters for scrolls that the current character doesn't know.
  • Added ability to browse the scrolls of any character (not just the one currently logged on).
  • Scrolls names are now color-coded according to school.
  • Now has the option of requiring CTRL+Click to learn a scroll.
  • Added the option to open the containing pack when selecting a scroll.
  • Slightly improved exporting.
  • Added error logging. Errors are written to errors.txt.
Scroll Manager v1.1.2 August 14, 2004
  • Scroll Manager once again detects scrolls in side packs.
  • Added Verdantine to the list of choices for searching/exporting.
  • The view window can be resized. Click and drag on a corner to resize it.
  • Scroll Manager should start up slightly faster when logging in.
Scroll Manager v1.1.1 August 9, 2004
  • Scroll Manager will now recognize scrolls with the new icons.
  • The icon next to the scroll name now corresponds to the spell that it's a scroll for.
  • When you're moving/giving/dropping scrolls, the list should no longer go back to the top.
  • Scroll Manager no longer lags noticably when you're moving scrolls around.
Source Code
Scroll Manager Source v1.2.0
Scroll Manager Source v1.1.2
Scroll Manager Source v1.1.1
Source code is available to aid aspiring plugin writers in getting started. If you plan to use large portions of my source in your own plugin, please contact me first.

Jer's original version
Scroll Manager Source v1.1.0
© 2004-2011 Digero of Leafcull