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Spellbar Saver
Spellbar Saver is a multi-purpose utility for managing your spellbars. Uses include:
  • Have multiple spellbar setups for different occasions (such as PK and NPK) -- essentially extend AC's 7 bar limit.
  • Upgrade your spellbars when you graduate to a new level of spells.
  • Transfer your spellbars to another character (even if they can't cast the same level spells as your main).
  • Save and reload your spellbars in case they get wiped by the rare bug in AC.
Current Version
Spellbar Saver v2.2.0.1
The Main Window
This window shows you the spells in the currently loaded profile, and allows you to load from the profile to your AC spellbars. The options available are discussed in more detail in the notes section.

The spells are colored according to-
White: A spell that you know and will be loaded as shown.
Green: A spell that has been upgraded because you know a higher level version of it.
Yellow: A spell that has been downgraded because you don't know the level that was saved in the profile.
Red-gray: A spell that you don't know in any level and will be skipped when loading.
  • Check the box next to the school(s) of spells that you want to have automatically upgraded to the highest level you know, then select the range of levels you want Spellbar Saver to check when loading. It will only load the highest level you know within that range. If there's a spell on the bar that's lower than the minimum level, it won't be upgraded at all (e.g. Drain Health I won't be upgraded to Vitality Siphon unless the min life level is I, even if you know Vitality Siphon).
  • Select Don't upgrade spells you know if you want to limit upgrading/downgrading to only the cases where you don't know a spell in a profile.
  • The Show spellbars as they... option only affects which spell names are displayed in the lists on the left. It does not affect which spells will be put on the spellbar when you load a profile.
  • If you have the auto-save backups option enabled, Spellbar Saverwill automatically make a backup of your current spellbar setup when you load a bar. However, the next time you load a bar, it'll overwrite that backup with whatever you currently have on your bars. So you only get one chance to go back if you screw up =). Also, backup profiles aren't treated specially by the plugin, so when you load a backup it will save another backup of what you have before restoring, overwriting the currently loaded one.
Known Bugs
  • None. Use one of the methods on the left to contact me if you find one.
Version History
Spellbar Saver v2.2.0.1 June 7, 2007
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when you add a spell to the end of a spellbar.
Spellbar Saver v2.2.0.0 June 2, 2007
  • Completely rewrote the Spellbar Saver in C# to work with Decal 3.
Spellbar Saver v2.1.2 December 10, 2004
  • Slowed down the loading of spellbars slightly. It was confusing ImpFilter by loading the bars too fast, and the <Current> profile was getting messed up. This would make you unable to save your profile after loading another profile, unless you relogged.
  • Fixed a problem where the plugin would not initialize properly if you clicked on its icon before you were logged in.
Spellbar Saver v2.1.1 June 14, 2004
  • Updated to work with the changes in Imp Filter v2.9.0.2 beta (now requires the patched version of or greater)
  • Fixed a problem that could cause spellbars to save improperly if you moved spells on the spellbar after logging in.
Spellbar Saver v2.1.0 May 4, 2004
  • Now can upgrade/downgrade spells based on the highest level you have in your spellbook!
  • Now automatically keeps track of when you add/remove spells from the spellbar, so you don't have to relog before saving your bars if you make changes manually.
  • AC was having problems with spells being removed then added very quickly by the plugin, so restoring a bar now takes two steps: Clearing the bar, then Loading the bar.
  • Moved the profiles from the main plugin folder the /Spellbars/ subdirectory. The first time you run the plugin, it'll move all your old profiles to the new location.
Spellbar Saver v2.0.0 April 18, 2004
  • Now automatically adds/removes spells from your spellbars!
  • Added custom names for profiles, so you can store more than just one per character.
Spellbar Saver v1.0.0 February 16, 2004
  • Initial Release
Source Code
Project Page on GoogleCode
I've moved the source code to a Subversion repository on GoogleCode, and put the source under the MIT License. See the project page for info on how to get the source code.
© 2004-2011 Digero of Leafcull