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Target Info
Target Info tells you what monsters have had debuffs cast on them, regardless of who cast them. You just have to be around when the vuln is cast. This is very useful in a fellow, where you have a few mages casting vulns at the same time. Makes avoiding those annoying recasts easier!!

It displays the vulns in an onscreen HUD for the creature or player you currently have selected. You can cycle through vulned or nonvulned monsters (and/or players) using hotkeys you define with DHS.

The plugin can also recommend which vulns to cast on your target, using the data from Crossroad of Dereth's creature database.
Current Version
Target Info v3.1.1 Alpha

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HUD Cycle Vulns Misc

< Click on a tab for more information about that tab

The Target HUD with Vuln HUD attached
Here's an example of what the HUD looks like onscreen, with the Vuln Info HUD attached to it. You can customize the color and move it wherever you'd like in the 3D area of the screen. In this picture, Fester is about to expire, so it shows in red.
The HUD showing Icons Only
You can choose to show only the icons (and optionally, the timers too), if you want to save some screen space and are already familiar with the icons.

As you can see, the white text has a dark border around it, so you can still see the text on a light background =)
The Self Debuff HUD
This HUD shows the debuffs that have been cast on you. The HUD is right-aligned in this screenshot, but you can change that if you'd like.
  • To move the HUD, just click and drag it to where you'd like it to be.
  • The Range on the Cycle tab is measured in AC-"yards" (or "meters" if you have a non-US version; they're the same length in AC). The edge of the indoor radar is 25 yards, and the outdoor radar is 75 yards.
  • Cycling vulned/non-vulned creatures should work just like cycling monsters or items does with the regular AC interface, except that you can define your own custom max range which may not necessarily be the edge of the radar.
  • Clearing the vulns on a creature/player is useful if their debuffs get dispeled. There's no way for Target Info to be able to tell exactly which debuffs were removed when the dispel particle effect plays, so this command remains manual. You can access it through the button, a hotkey, or the command /tinfo clearsel.
  • Type /tinfo help for a list of available chat commands.
  • The recommended vulns database is provided by Crossroads of Dereth. If you notice any incorrect or outdated information, let CoD know!
  • Target Info uses the spellwords that people say to make a (very good) guess of what debuff was cast in the event that the particle effect is ambiguous (like Bludge Vuln and Imperil). You do not need to unfilter spellwords if you have them filtered.

    If Target Info can't make a good guess, or if the spell was cast by a monster (who don't say spell words), the plugin will revert to the groups that it used in v2.8.8 and earlier. You can see the groups below for reference if you'd like.

     Show vuln/debuff groups

    Bold titles show up in HUD, names below are the spells associated with that group.

    Useless Inepts
    Weapon Tinkering Ignorance
    Person Unfamiliarity
    Monster Unfamiliarity
    Magic Item Tinkering Ignorance
    Item Tinkering Ignorance
    Deception Ineptitude
    Armor Tinkering Ignorance

    Magic Skills Inepts
    War Magic Ineptitude
    Mana Conversion Ineptitude
    Life Magic Ineptitude
    Item Enchantment Ineptitude
    Creature Enchantment Ineptitude
    Arcane Benightedness
    Alchemy Ineptitude

    Defence Inepts
    Magic Yield

    Weapon Skill Inepts
    Unarmed Combat Ineptitude
    Thrown Weapons Ineptitude
    Sword Ineptitude
    Staff Ineptitude
    Spear Ineptitude
    Mace Ineptitude
    Dagger Ineptitude
    Crossbow Ineptitude
    Bow Ineptitude
    Axe Ineptitude

    TS/Heal/Alleg Inepts
    Lockpick Ineptitude
    Leadership Ineptitude
    Fletching Ineptitude
    Cooking Ineptitude
    Healing Ineptitude

    Run or Jump Inept
    Leaden Feet
    Jumping Ineptitude

    Bludgeon Vuln or Imperil
    Bludgeoning Vulnerability







    Mana Depletion
    Mana Depletion




    Bludgeon Vuln
    Bludgeoning Vulnerability

    Piercing Vuln
    Piercing Vulnerability

    Lightning Vuln
    Lightning Vulnerability

    Fire Vuln
    Fire Vulnerability

    Cold Vuln
    Cold Vulnerability

    Slashing Vuln
    Slash Vulnerability

    Acid Vuln
    Acid Vulnerability
  • This plugin was originally written by Jer. Since he no longer plays AC and doesn't develop his plugins any more, I've decided to take up working on Target Info and a few other of his plugins.
Features in Concept
  • A list of Monsters/Players that have vulns or debuffs cast on them, showing what's cast on them, their distance, etc. Also perhaps a list of non-vulned creatures
  • The ability to customize what Target Info considers "debuffed," for the purpose of cycling or displaying them in the list. This would be helpful if you're with another mage and casting say, piercing vuln while the other mage is casting imperil. Or, if you're a melee/archer attacking creatures that are debuffed for your damage type.
Known Bugs
  • If you have a background enabled for a HUD, its size "lags" behind the HUD's actual size by 1 second. Set the HUD background color to "clear" to get rid of the background for now.
  • The self vuln HUD is currently broken and doesn't work.
Version History
Target Info v3.1.1 June 13, 2006
  • Updated for Decal 3 Alpha 7.
  • Included the changes to debuff_info.xml from the May patch.
  • Completely disabled the self HUD until I can fix it.
Target Info v3.1.0 December 21, 2005
  • Updated for Decal 3 Alpha 5d!
  • The settings file format and default installation folder have changed. As a result, your settings will be reverted back to the defaults the first time you use Target Info v3.1.0.
  • The plugin window now saves its position when you log off, so it'll be in the same place next time you log on.
Target Info v3.0.3 April 15, 2005
  • Fixed a bug that caused Target Info to request an ID for every player in range (which could potentially spam people around you with failed assess messages). Target Info now properly requests IDs for monsters that aren't in CoD's vulnerability database, only the first time you encounter the monster.
  • Made a slight change to the Vuln Database handler to compensate for a change to CoD's database format. (They now seem to be using both "Av." and "Average" to mean the same thing).
Target Info v3.0.2 January 15, 2005
  • Added the option to change the HUD font size.
  • Fixed the Division by Zero error when viewing the Self HUD in icons only mode or when the HUD went off the bottom of the screen.
Target Info v3.0.1 January 11, 2005
  • Added a separate Vulns HUD, which will show the recommended vulns for the creature that you have selected. You can attach this HUD to the Target Vuln HUD if you want.
  • The Vulns HUD will show (Species Info) if Target Info is using vulnerability info from a creature's species, rather than specific info for that creature.
  • Added selectable text decorations (outline, short shadow, long shadow, none), to make the text on the HUD easier to read.
  • Icons Only view now shows the time left for a buff if you have it enabled.
  • Added a Text Only view.
Target Info v3.0.0 Beta December 3, 2004
  • Now shows recommended attack types and attack height for most creatures. In the event that multiple attack types are equally as good, it shows all of the good ones. If no data is available for the specific creature, it'll try to use default data from the creature's species. The species data is simply the most common "best vuln" for all creatures of that species.
  • You can update your database from the plugin. It gets its data from (if you open that link in IE, it'll freeze for 5-10 minutes while it tries to display the XML file -- it's a big file). You can edit that URL in settings.xml, but if you use any database other than CoD's, it won't work.
  • Put all data in external XML files (previously it was hardcoded). Advanced users can edit the files if they wish.
  • Target Info will attempt to determine the specific debuff that was cast for ALL debuffs, not just bludge and imperil. (You can disable this behavior by editing the debuff_data.xml -- comment out any <debuff /> that you don't want it to determine.)
  • You can choose to show only Life vulns.
  • You can choose to show only the icons of the debuffs and not the name.
  • If a creature has so many debuffs cast on it that the debuffs would run off the screen, it switches to icon-only mode for the ones that would be off-screen
  • Reorganized the UI.
  • Perhaps some more that I'm forgetting... =)
Target Info v2.9.1 November 30, 2004
  • Fixes the "Subscript out of range" bug in 2.9.0.
  • You can right-align the HUDs.
  • Uses spell words to determine which spell was cast for ALL ambiguous spells. Not just Imperil and Bludge Vuln.
  • Uses the actual debuffs that are cast on you for the self debuff HUD, instead of Target Info's guess.
Target Info v2.9.0 November 28, 2004
  • Target Info now tries to differentiate between Bludgeon Vuln and Imperil. It uses spell words from you and the people around you to determine which vuln was cast. It is quite accurate, but may get confused when there is extreme lag AND multiple mages are vulning simultaneously. Since monsters don't use spell words, Target Info can't guess for vulns cast by monsters.
  • You can now have a permenant HUD that shows the debuffs cast on you, in addition to the HUD that shows the debuffs cast on your target.
  • Debuffs that have less than 15 seconds before they expire (or any amount of time you specify) will change color in the list.
Target Info v2.8.8 May 13, 2004
  • Updated the spell timers for the May Patch.
  • Error messages are no longer blank.
  • Fixed a minor bug that would very rarely cause a harmless error message.
Target Info v2.8.5 March 30, 2004
  • Fixed a bug in v2.8.0 that caused debuffs to keep ticking into negative numbers if they expired, instead of removing them from the list of debuffs.
  • Attempted to fix the bug where selecting the nearest vulned monster didn't work (by rewriting large portions of the code =D). I couldn't reproduce the bug in v2.8.0 myself, and I can't seem to make it happen in v2.8.5 either, so although it should be fixed, it may not be.
    If you still experience this bug, type /tinfo vulned. It will print out a list of all the monsters that it considers vulned. If there are any names that are a string of letters and numbers (e.g. E9219FB2), or any names that aren't a monster or player, post on my forums.
  • You should no longer get Error #91 in colMonsters.Add (namely because that function doesn't exist anymore =D).
  • Added a debug log errors.txt that will be written to whenever Target Info has an error, to help debugging in the future. Also added line numbers to every line of the code so error reports should be more useful to me =).
  • Cleaned up a lot of the code, making it more modular and easier to understand (and to add to in the future =).
Target Info v2.8.0 March 24, 2004
  • Completely revamped the way Target Info internally keeps track of monsters, making it easier to cycle creatures in order.
  • Cycling the next vulned/non-vulned monster now goes in order and added the ability to cycle previous.
  • Added custom ranges for indoor/outdoor cycling.
  • Removed the option to "select self" while cycling since it no longer worked (if it ever did to begin with) and was not useful enough to fix.
  • Added the Clear debuffs for selected command.
Target Info v2.7.2 March 18, 2004
  • My first slightly modified release of Jer's excellent Target Info plugin.
  • Added support for DHS hotkeys instead of using built in hotkeys. You'll need to download and install DHS to utilize the hotkey functionality.
  • Using the hotkeys to cycle vulned/nonvulned critters now adjusts for indoor/dungeon radar size. You should no longer be selecting monsters off radar.
  • Fixed the timer lengths for level VII spells.

 Show History from Jer's original Target Info website

Target Info v2.6 May 30, 2003
  • Rewrote the plugin from scratch in a better way. Should be more efficient and most of the errors should be gone.
  • Cycle buttons now only cycle through players/monsters within radar range. When you go into a dungeon, the radar range gets smaller, but the cycle range does not.
  • Cycle buttons are eaten when in chat mode.
  • Copy the .dll over the old one, open decal, click Add -> Browse, find the Target Info.dll files and click Save
Target Info v2.4 (not beta! w00t!) December 23, 2002
  • Added a "Cycle Non Vulned Monsters" button, customizable to any key on the keyboard, default is "Y"
  • Fixed the evil TimeLeft_Timeout error (finally)
  • Fixed a problem with select self not being checked and it still selected yourself
Target Info v2.3 Beta November 23, 2002
  • Finally got timers!! yay!
  • Option to display timers or not
  • Selectable level of spells for life and creature individually
  • Monster Only/Players Only/Both option for cycle button
  • Option to include yourself or not while cycling
Target Info v2.2 Beta November 21, 2002
  • Added a "Cycle Vulned Monsters" button, customizable to any key on the keyboard, default is "V"
  • Fixed bug caused by selecting something besides a player/monster before selecting a player/monster
Target Info v2.1 Beta November 5, 2002
  • Added all debuffs, creature and life, although they are grouped, find which spells are in which group here
  • You can now change the text color and background color of the HUD
  • The debuffs "stack" now, instead of having preassigned positioning
Target Info v2.0 Beta October 28, 2002
  • The Interface has been converted to HUD format
  • When a monster/player is deselect/dies/portals away, the information goes away
  • You can place the HUD anywhere on the 3D area by simple click and drag
  • On/Off button, and relocate button for when you lose the HUD
Target Info v1.0 August 14, 2002
  • First Release
Source Code
Project Page on GoogleCode
I've moved the source code to a Subversion repository on GoogleCode, and put the source under the MIT License. See the project page for info on how to get the source code.
© 2004-2011 Digero of Leafcull